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The spirit world sees us as beings of light. They find us by our colors.


Meet BethJoy

It is BethJoy’s honor to assist you in connecting with your loved ones in Spirit and  to your own soul’s wisdom. She takes her work very seriously and endeavors to do it from a space of compassion, love and the highest integrity. This is her life’s calling and her true joy.

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“I will always connect to you through the vibrations in your auric field first. These emanations appear to me as colors. As a trained Psychic-Medium I have learned many skills for reading.

Connecting to you through color is my most dependable way of accessing information that will assist you on your own soul’s journey. It is my privilege to be of service.”



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Mediumistic Readings

Psychic Readings

Spiritual Assessments


I wanted to say that I was awed by your ability with the colors…

you were fantastic.

– Mary W. 

Thank you for the beautiful reading you gave me yesterday, I just wanted to be really, really sure you knew how inspiring it was.

Thank you again! 

– Barbara E. 
Maryland, USA

I wanted to thank you for going on that seriously awesome journey today.

I feel like we allowed such a deep space for connection and your interpretation of the messages was so fabulous.

– Mary Bee
Florida, USA

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