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My Story

BethJoy Goldstein has more than 35 years of experience in the metaphysical arts. She has traveled extensively to study and learn from not only internationally known teachers and healers but those in remote villages as well. She has developed herself through the practice of meditation, trance healing and trance communication, psychometry,  tarot reading,  color therapy,  animal communication,  shamanism, Reiki,  art therapy, automatic writing and any mindful practice that would enhance her natural intuitive gifts. She uses all of her clair senses to connect with her client’s energy and the energy of the Spirit World. During readings it is not unusual for her to feel, hear, see, taste, smell or simply to know the information that is being impressed upon her by the Spirit World.


The death of BethJoy’s beloved Mother fully opened the door to her abilities as a Medium. She knows firsthand the grief of loss and the yearning to connect with those in the other world. She is committed to representing those in Spirit with the utmost honesty. Dedication to creating peace and comfort for her clients by bringing through messages of love and hope and to prove the continuation of life is her mission.


It is BethJoy’s honor to assist you in connecting with your loved ones in Spirit and  to your own soul’s wisdom. She takes her work very seriously and endeavors to do it from a space of compassion, love and the highest integrity. This is her life’s calling and her true joy.


Psychic's Code of Ethics

  • To inspire others, I always attune to the person or situation.

  • To instill hope, I will, at the time of tuning in, do my best to perceive how the client will respond to the information.

  • To educate, I will express my insights in a nonthreatening manner, passing helpful information along in a loving, productive and positive way so it is better received by the client.

  • To increase faith, I will express the information in a manner that will be understood by the client.

  • To be of service, I will rely on my insight to identify new possibilities and beneficial options or courses of action to the client’s situation.

  • To build trust, I will do all of the above without intruding upon the free will of the client.

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