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"I am delighted to be offering 45 minute readings via Zoom at this time.

Whether you schedule a Psychic Reading, a Mediumistic Reading or a Spiritual Assessment I will always prepare and strive to receive messages for your highest good."

All meetings are private one on one sessions.

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Mediumistic Readings

These readings are a three way process involving the client, the Medium and the Spirit World. BethJoy will connect to your energy and invite in those in Spirit who wish to connect with you. As the Medium, BethJoy, is acting as a sort of translator.

Psychic Readings

BethJoy will connect with your energy to read the different aspects of your auric field and bring through information pertaining to your life and your soul’s journey.

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Spiritual Assessments

This session is for those who are already developing their Spiritual abilities and would like an experienced Medium to help them find focus and purpose. It is intended to be a validating and empowering experience. BethJoy will connect to your energy and project her awareness to your Spiritual Aura to interpret the colors and look for where you are upon your Spiritual path.

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